Ontmoet Lilian de Geus - Wereldkampioen Windsurfen

Coming from a big family Lilian de Geus (26) was encouraged to be active all along. She started her career in sports early in life, started off as a top-level football player and switched to windsurfing aged 12, to chase her dream of reaching the very top.

Lilian is a professional windsurfer in the Olympic RX:S class, which allows contestants to surf in low to medium wind conditions from 3-30 knots.

Gaan voor goud!

Over the years Lilian has been recognized for her talent, internationally. She participated in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, with the ambition of nothing less but a medal. When she missed the bronze medal by a single(!) point (coming in 4th), she experienced a big set back and decided to use 2017 as a fruitful year to recharge and regain her strength.

Once she was ready to compete at the international stage once again, she made a plan with her coach to get her back in the game in 2018. Fully reloaded and motivated she worked hard and in August 2018 she became the world windsurf champion in the Olympic RX:S class in Aarhus, Denmark.


Lilian’s next big dream is to win the gold medal at The Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

To reach this lifelong achievement there is a big team behind the scenes: A coach, trainer, physical trainer, sports doctor, and a physiotherapist, ensuring that Lilian is at her best at every single competition. The key here is mental sharpness, physical endurance and ability to read the water and wind so she could use tactics to gain an advantage.

Lilian’s focus is relentless: training and preparation for the games are unforgiving and very demanding. She maintains her top performance by competing for the prices at the international top sports championships of windsurfing (world cups among other).

Perhaps surprisingly, some of her best teachers have not only been her team of experts. Lilian has learned enormously from her competitors, during the informal competitions. By choosing her best training partners – both women and men –  she could learn new tricks on the water, get physically challenged and prepare for the demanding tournaments.